1. Pool play will be used for all age groups.

2. Tie-breaker for pool play is as follows:
* 2 teams tied – head to head competition
* 3 teams tied – point differential involving those teams only
* 4 teams tied – point differential for all teams

3. Maximum point differential is 15 points.

4. 2 16-minute halves will be played for all games.

5. Teams will be allowed 5 minutes to warm up. Halftime will be 3 minutes.

6. All overtimes are 3 minutes.

7. Teams will shoot the one-and-one on the 10th team foul of each half.

8. NO two-shot bonus.

9. Foul disqualification will be five fouls.

10. Time outs per game:
* two full timeouts
* two 20-second timeouts
* one additional 20-second timeout for each overtime period

11. Home team is listed first on the schedule and will wear light-colored uniforms and sit to the left of the scorer’s table.

12. Coaches should fill out a score sheet (provided at table) prior to the start of each game and turn it in to the scorer’s table.

13. Mercy rules: Clock will run if…
*One team is up 30 or more at the start of the 3rd Quarter
*One team is up 20 or more at the start of the 4th Quarter
*Regular clock stoppage resumes if the score goes under 30 in the 3rd or under 20 in the 4th
*Clock will stop for Time Outs during implementation of ‘mercy rule’